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Integration exams

Many things have changed in your life in a short period. People have different reasons for leaving their homecountry. Love, war, poverty… Whatever reason you had, migrating is a lifechanging experience. Besides all the emotions, you need to focus on the requirements needed to be able to stay here.

The moment you’ve settled down, you need to start thinking about the integration exam. There are two ways to integrate:

  1. Integration by passing the integration exams.
  2. Integration by passing the state exams (I or II) so you can follow an education in the Netherlands

State exam I for entering vocational schooling (called “MBO”)

State exam II for entering higher education (called “HBO” or University)

See the official website for more information www.inburgeren.nl

ONA (Orientation on the Dutch labourmarket)

If you became obligated to integrate in the Netherlands since January 1 2015, you also have to take the exam Orientation on the Dutch Labourmarket (ONA). This is about finding work in the Netherlands. The aim of this part of civic integration is to be prepared for active participation on the Dutch labourmarket. After you integration, you should be able to look for work independently.


If you are a ‘statushouder’ and received your sofinumber, you are able to enroll in a school for Dutch lessons. You can borrow the money from DUO. They will pay your bills for you. As long as you pass the exams within three years.

DUO compensates the costs of your education to schools which have a ‘Blik op werk’- certificationmark or are a candidate. The teachers at ‘Nederlands de Baas’ are experienced and certified but the school itself is new and therefore we are a candidate. If you take one of our courses, you can declare all the costs at DUO.

See the official DUO website for more information Inburgeren.nl of DUO.nl

See the website Blik op Werk for more information about the certificationmark www.blikopwerk.nl



Websites that might be useful for you:

The page for refugees: www.vluchtelingenwerk.nl

– For the region: vluchtelingenwerk oost Nederland 

The page for asylumseekers: COA

– For the region: COA Nijmegen

The page for housing associations in the region: entree

The page for integration: inburgeren

-For financial compensation: inburgeren betalen

The page for financial compensation State Exam: DUO

The page for certificationmarks: Blik op Werk