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Not everybody has had the possibility to enjoy an education. Some have had none or some have had some. Maybe you have taught yourself to read and write. Maybe you only know how to read and write in your own script. And maybe, that script is different from the Latin script we use in the Netherlands.

Whatever your educational background is, we will teach you to read and write in Latin script. We also teach you what you read and write. And we teach you how to understand and speak Dutch. It will give you a form of independency and empowerment. If you need it or not, it can always be useful sometime in the future.

Literacy and integration Alfa-0-A1-A2 Alfa




3 a 2h

2 a 1h, 1 a 2h

2 a 1h, 1 a 2h

2 a 2h

16 weeks

28 weeks

28 weeks

6   weeks





Quick Info

  • Learn in practice
  • Affordable course fee
  • Start on 9th January
  • Arabic and english support
  • €12.50 / hour

Literacy and Civic Integration

EUR 12,50 per hour