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Connecting cultures

Nederlands de Baas

When you are ‘Nederlands de Baas’ you mastered the Dutch language. It is a Dutch saying; to be something the boss. At ‘Nederlands de Baas’ we will make sure when you leave, you mastered the language.

The school is an initiative of Margriet van Baasbank. She is educated as an anthropologist, worked as a teacher for over ten years, teachting civics in highschool and Dutch for different educational institutions. Instead of working for different schools, she decided to start her own school. Her most important reason for doing so, is to be flexible en personal. She wants to be able to adjust to the students, wheter faster or slower. Teaching in small groups gives her the possibiliy to give personal attention to all students.


Our mission is to contribute to a society where people with different backgrounds and histories can live together in harmony, with respect and understanding for each others differences but connected in daily life and sharing a common base of values.